#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force
#CyberPatriot Task Force

Your country needs you.

A $10 trillion economy by 2030 is required to build a new India. 247 million Indians have already come out of poverty. Your help is needed to banish poverty from India for ever.

Technology is a great equalizer. Data and technology will determine wealth. Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Quantum Computing, Cognitive Technologies, IoT, IIoT, lattice cryptography etc are all equally new everywhere and the learning curve required is steep. As an expert in your field, you can help India get ahead faster.

We have set up a task-force of Cyber Patriots consisting of Indians everywhere in the tech space. The objective is to help India use technology to the hilt to defeat poverty on one hand and become one of the largest global economic powers on the other.

The primary objective of the task force is to keep an eye on this ball and not let it drop.

The task-force looks at multiple facets of technology including development, deployment, defence as well as offence. The idea is to make India a Cyber Super-Power. 

Interested? Sign-up here. See a list of existing members here.

Our tasks:

  1. Making a matrix of upcoming technologies.
  2. Suggest ways of solving real life problems in India through harnessing such technologies.
  3. Write a strategy and policy paper for such deployment.
  4. Advocate for correct and early adoption.
  5. Capacity building at all levels – from techies to district and local bodies.
  6. Conceptualise and enable pilots.
  7. Report on outcomes and learnings.
  8. Make a case for scaling.

The task force works on the following theme areas:

  1. Policy and Legal Framework
  2. Cognitive Technologies
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Operational Technology
  5. Governance
  6. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
  7. Payments and Settlements
  8. Agriculture
  9. Health
  10. Education

Our focus currently is on use of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technologies, Blockchain and Quantum Computing to solve India’s socio-economic problems and help it grow to a $10 Trillion Economy by 2030.

The task force is working on writing two reports:

  1. India’s National Cyber Security Strategy
  2. India’s Cognitive Technologies Strategy
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