Call for Papers

Papers are invited from Cyber Patriot Task Force members for preparing India’s national strategy for cyber security and for use of upcoming technologies like AI, Blockchain, Cognition, Quantum Computing etc. to key operational sectors as well as to national flagship programmes. The objective is to provide actionable input into policy, enable pilots wherever feasible and then help promote scaling. Thereafter, we would have a feedback, assessment and refinement cycle. Given our vision to make India a $10 Trillion economy by 2030 and the call of Prime Minister Modi to reach a target of $5 Trillion economy by 2025, the opportunity window is short with no scope of making mistakes and therefore combined inputs are required to do it right the first time itself.

Accepted papers to be presented during the SKOCH Summit on Practising Cyber Patriotism on 28th August 2019 at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. Select papers may also be published.

The topics for the paper are as follows (see PDF for details):

  • Digitisation Extent and Impact on Cyber Security
  • Evolution of Cyber Threats
  • Status of Cyber Security in India
  • Cyber Security as a Governance Problem
  • Emergent Technical Scenario
  • Threat Matrix for India
  • Building Resilience as Pre-emptive
  • Protecting Against a Cyber War
  • Proposed Institutional Framework
  • Critical Information Infrastructure
  • Proposed Constitutional Framework
  • Proposed Legal Framework
  • Contours of Cyber Security Doctrine
  • Building an Indian Agriculture Stack
    • Data Sources for Agriculture Stack
    • Building an App Development Ecosystem
  • Cognitive Security
    • Cognitive CERT
    • Cognitive Policing
    • Case Studies
  • Aspirational Technologies
    • Building Indian Use Cases for AI and Blockchain
    • Capacity Building
    • Minimising Exclusion and Biases
  • Digital Economy
    • Living with a Zero MDR Regime
    • Data Protection, Data Localisation
    • National Common Mobility Card

A suggested content plan can be downloaded here

Online Abstract Submission

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