India’s National Cyber Security Strategy

Cyberspace has emerged as a global commons, a multi-dimensional concept and a complex issue straddling many disciplines and fields. India’s dependence on technology as a nation is increasing and that is also increasing the threat of Cyber-attack. Our cybersecurity is constantly under attack from within the country and outside. As we move on to digitise everything, conventional armies will be replaced by cyber armies and criminals will become cybercriminals. SKOCH Development Foundation set up a “Cyber Patriot Task Force” that consists of the 1000 Indian patriots with expertise in cybersecurity across various domains and with the requisite skill sets to even comprehend what is required to be done. The Cyber Patriots are drawn from across verticals like Government, BFSI, Manufacturing, Industry and Research programs and so on.

The key features for this nationally important cybersecurity initiatives are:

  • Identify the contours of Indian cybersecurity through the following views:
    • Policy, e.g., national, corporate, individual, etc.
    • Verticals, e.g., financial services, homeland security, etc.
    • Technology, e.g., AI, Block-chain, IoT.
    • Diplomacy and points of multilateral negotiations, e.g., data localisation.
  • Having identified and detailed the above document and evolve a coherent, implementable strategy.

The end result of this initiative is to come up with a blue book which can be updated periodically.

You can download the Content Plan here.


  • Creation of policy and legal framework to accelerate deployment of Disruptive and cognitive technologies
  • Concrete 5-year horizon recommendations for specific Government, Industry and Research programs.

Domains of Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture/Food Processing
  • Education
  • Retail/Customer Engagement
  • Human and Robot interaction/intelligent automation
  • Aid for Differently Abled/Accessibility Technology
  • AADHAAR/Big Data
  • Environment
  • National Security
  • Enablers for Cyber Security & Disruptive Technology development
  • Enablers for Cyber Security & Disruptive Technology entrepreneurship
  • Enablers for Cyber Security & Disruptive Technology product commercialization
  • General/other issues related to Cyber Security & Disruptive Technology
  • Public Utility Services
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